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The Great Sign
Are You Prepared?
Holm Oak Communications
1 audio tape, 74 minutes

Cat#: GCIA003
Price: $9.95


Let's LISTEN TO OUR MOTHER before it's too late

The Great Sign of Fatima, set to herald apocalyptic events, has yet to happen. And Our Blessed Mother is more involved than most of us suspect. That’s the premise of this timely work based on 15 years of investigative research by devout Catholic doctor Sally Holm.

A quality, professional production

In this wonderfully produced documentary, complete with professional actors and original score, the Holm Oak team examines relevant Marian apparitions, especially the events of Fatima, in light of Sacred Scripture. They then explain the role Our Blessed Mother has yet to play in both the final warning before global chastisement and the end-of-age battle between good and evil.

Our Lady continues to look out for us

The Great Sign provides proper perspective for all accepted Marian apparitions along with valuable insight into the Book of Revelation. Anyone who listens gains a fuller appreciation of Our Lady’s continuing role in our salvation, as well as the realization that she’s never stopped looking out for our physical and spiritual welfare.

Look and listen before it's too late

When Jesus gave us His mother she took her role seriously. Let’s look and listen before it’s too late. Mother knows best.

About the Author

Sally Holm (1928-2001) was a devout Catholic and doctor of Internal Medicine well known for her proven ability to make accurate diagnoses and sense wrong ones. After an in-depth study of the Fatima prophecies, she concluded that many held what she believed to be a misinterpretation of the predicted Great Sign, and that countless lives and souls could be at stake.

Together with a professional producer, composer, and voiceover artist, she worked to create this documentary based upon her 15 years of research.

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The Great Sign: Are You Prepared?


What others are saying

"The Great Sign is a masterpiece! There are very few programs of its kind that are as professionally produced. The soundtrack is captivating and its content is both thought-provoking and challenging. The Great Sign will take you on an amazing journey and capture you in one of the greatest stories of the 20th Century." —Drew Mariani, Host: The Road Less Traveled (syndicated Catholic radio show)

"This tape is as timely and critical as your irregular EKG. Your eternal life may well depend on learning what this tape has to say about the untold message of Fatima." Peter B. Kelly , J. D., Co-host: Our Apostolic Church (radio program)

"This particular cassette gives one a beautiful commentary on the history of Fatima, magnificently explained in the light of the Book of Revelation. I would recommend it without reservation, and strongly advise anyone planning on visiting Fatima or other Marian shrines to listen to it before they embark." —Fr. Philip Ryan, Administrator, St. Elizabeth’s Church, Guerneville, CA

"The prophecy about the ‘unknown light’—the manifestation of the Great Sign that God is about to punish the world for its crimes—was supposedly fulfilled in 1938. Not so fast says the good Doctor Holm. This professionally produced documentary takes you through her analysis which makes a convincing case that the Great Sign has yet to appear…" —Jack Gergurich, President, Canticle Communications

"Our Reverend Mother Angelica (EWTN’s Mother Angelica Live) and all the nuns at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery greatly enjoyed listening to The Great Sign." —Sister Mary Catherine, PCPA

"The scholarship and research that went into this production is very evident. I’m confident it will find a place in the devotional life of many people and act as a powerful instrument for conversion and prayer. I pray this will be given very wide distribution." —Most Reverend James C. Timlin, D.D., Bishop of Scranton

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