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My Life on the Rock
A Rebel Returns to His Faith
Jeff Cavins
214pp, Paperback

Cat#: GCIB046
Price: $14.99


This rebel found cause to come back

There are lots of books written by Protestants who became Catholic. This one’s about a Catholic that became Protestant then came back to the Catholic Church. Which makes it a perfect lifeline we can extend to family and friends who’ve abandoned ship.

Host of EWTN’s Life on the Rock

In this dramatic conversion story, this noted apologist and host of EWTN’s Life on the Rock, recounts his early Catholic upbringing, rejection of the Faith, ordination as a Protestant minister, and finally his return to the one true Faith. Jeff leaves no stone unturned in his pursuit of truth, and goes toe-to-toe with his own father and three bishops in the process. In the end he rediscovers the Catholic Church as the only context in which the Bible truly comes to life.

Pass it on to those heading for the door

"What makes Jeff story so appealing," according to Bishop Paul Dudley, "is that it deals with both the theological and emotional issues related to returning to the Catholic Church." Life on the Rock will help every Catholic become a better witness to those who’ve left. Passing it to those heading for the door might keep them from ever leaving.

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