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Search and Rescue
How to Bring Your Family and Friends into—or Back into—the Catholic Church
Patrick Madrid
Foreword by Scott Hahn

256pp, Paperback

Cat#: GCIB058
Price: $14.95
Sale:  $11.21

25% OFF


Find your role as God's instrument

There are a lot of biblical and historical evidence books to help you win apologetic debates. This one will help you win souls.

The power of prayer . . .

In this motivational manual, Madrid shows us how to shed our egos, tune into the Holy Spirit and open ourselves to our vocation as evangelists. He taps the power of prayer, Biblical verse, the wisdom of the saints and the benefits of his own experience to teach us proper technique, provide spiritual prospective and foster needed patience. We don't need proven debate experience or theological expertise.

Christ's call . . . and the courage to try

Once we realize our role as God's instruments, and trust in His Divine Providence, we can recognize the call Christ has given each of us, and discover the courage to try.

Have more heart . . . save more souls

God inspired Patrick to write this one. (When you read it you'll know.) This book could easily have been titled: How to Put Your Heart and Soul into Evangelization. It flows with a spiritual dimension that comforts, refreshes and recruits. Read it before you attempt any rescue. You'll have more heart, save more souls, and save yourself a lot of heartache.

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