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Sexual Wisdom
A Guide for Parents, Young Adults, Educators and Physicians
Richard Wetzel, M.D.
338pp, Paperback

Cat#: GCIB064
Price: $12.95


How to reach people who will not listen

Is someone you love involved in pornography, premarital sex, sexual addiction, or homosexual behavior? Would you like to be better equipped to discuss these issues with your children or others you love?

A phony promise from a phony revolution

The sexual revolution promised to give people greater freedom and joy in their sex lives; but has resulted in record levels of sexually transmitted diseases, the legitimization and spread of pornography, greater hostility between the sexes, and critically high divorce and illegitimacy rates. Sexual Wisdom offers a way to redirect this revolution.

17 most important misconceptions

In this book Dr. Wetzel offers unique insights into the 17 most important misconceptions about sexuality, backed by solid, documented research. Each misconception is addressed as it relates to the most controversial issues about sexuality.

Practical advice for parents

He concludes with a discussion on classroom sex education and offers a wealth of practical advice for parents on how to encourage healthy attitudes toward sex among their children.

What others are saying

"Sexual Wisdom is clear, well documented, and should be useful for everybody, from parents to educators, priests, and young adults. — Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, President of the Vatican’s Pontical Council for the Family

"Sexual Wisdom is a wonderful resource for all persons seeking answers to questions about human sexuality. The text is organized, well researched, documented and thought provoking. Each chapter is a combination of scientific fact, common sense and moral value adeptly expressed in ordinary language." — John Cardinal O'Connor, Archbishop of New York

"Sexual Wisdom is refreshing and valuable in its scientific yet compassionate, no non-sense approach to a wide range of contemporary issues involving physical intimacy." — Michael Medved, film critic and author of Hollywood vs. America

"Sexual Wisdom is a terrific, fresh, masculine professional approach to the problems of sexual morality of our times. Could reach people who would not listen to anything less authoritative, factual, and well-written." — Ronda Chervin, author of Woman to Woman

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