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The Salvation Controversy
James Akin
154pp, Paperback

Cat#: GCIB087
Price: $12.95


Catholic Answers' senior apologist James Akin clears up The Salvation Controversy once and for all . . .

Perhaps nothing splits apart Catholics and Protestants like the topic of salvation. The arguments rage over how we're saved . . . when we're saved . . . and whether we can be assured of salvation. And Protestants fight among themselves as much as they fight with Catholics.

No one understands the various arguments better than Catholic Answers' senior apologist James Akin—a former Protestant himself. For the last 15 years, Akin has studied the issue of salvation, taking into account Church teachings and the various Protestant interpretations, while focusing primarily on Scripture.

And now he's taken his findings and put them into a noteworthy new book, The Salvation Controversy. Akin brings new light to the discussion of salvation, by helping you understand . . .

  • What the Church really teaches about salvation—and how those teachings are supported by Scripture.
  • The various Protestant positions—and why they're based on tragic misinterpretations of Scripture.
  • The many unappreciated areas of common ground we share with Protestants.
  • Why Catholic apologists must approach the topic of salvation with charity, tact, and an understanding of where Protestants are coming from.

Once you're finished reading The Salvation Controversy you'll be prepared to discuss salvation with non-Catholics. And you'll know exactly where to turn in sacred Scripture to support the Church's teachings.

Here's just some of what you'll discover:

  • The 3 dimensions of salvation. There's more to it than being saved or not saved. What most Protestants and Catholics don't understand.
  • The 2 types of salvation—temporal and eternal—and why it's so important to make a distinction between the two.
  • A direct quotation from Paul that will get you denounced as a heretic in most Protestant circles. But then show them the chapter and the verse.
  • The real purpose of fasting. It's probably not what you think.
  • What the church really teaches about indulgences. Most Protestants and even most Catholics don't even come close to getting it right.
  • 7 biblical principles behind indulgences— and the Scripture references to back them up.
  • Common misconceptions and misunderstandings about purgatory.
  • Faith vs. works. What the Bible really says.
  • The basis for the Protestant belief in sola fide and why it's based on a tragic misinterpretation.
  • The only place "by faith alone" appears in Scripture—and this is explicitly rejected!
  • Can a Catholic believe in predestination? The surprising answer.
  • Common Catholic misconceptions about Calvinism and predestination. How they hinder efforts to convert Calvinists.
  • A complete glossary to the key terms related to salvation.

If you want to understand both the Catholic and Protestant position on salvation—and be equipped to defend the Church's teachings—there's no better guide than The Salvation Controversy. It's a complete guide to salvation that no Catholic should be without. Get your copy today.

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