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"Goodbye, Good Men provides additional evidence that the problems behind the headlines run deep and wide. Recognizing that and acting on that recognition will, please God, lead to a Church renewed in fidelity to what she teaches."
--Rev. Richard John Neuhaus, Philadelphia Inquirer

"Few books in the past thirty years have shed more light on the continuing crisis in the Catholic Church. In particular, anyone who wishes to understand the pedophilia scandals, and how they could have occured, must read this book."
-- James Hitchcock, Professor of History, St. Louis University

"American Catholics everywhere are reeling from appalling revelations about priestly pedophilia, and asking themselves, 'How could this possibly have happened?' Readers of Goodbye, Good Men, staggered by Rose's revelations about seminary life, will answer, 'Now I see. Here's how.' This book is not to be missed by anyone who cares about the Catholic faith."
-- Donna Steichen, author, Ungodly Rage and Prodigal Daughters

"Michael Rose has done it again. Having just dismantled the assumptions of recent church architecture, he now examines the shifting sands on which these complex edifices have risen. Goodbye, Good Men investigates the training of priests over the past decades and shows how a shortage has been artificially created by keeping good candidates out and admitting effete and unorthodox ones. The scandals of homosexual priests and bishops now testing the faith and loyalty of American Catholics have their origin in the situation Rose describes in this book. I would recommend it to all bishops, but any bishop unaware of what Rose has written is guilty of culpable ignorance."
-- Ralph McInerny, Professor of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame and author, What Went Wrong With Vatican II?


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Goodbye, Good Men
Michael S. Rose
288pp, Hardback

Cat#: GCIB095
Price: $28.95


Discover the real story
behind the clergy scandal

In his newest work, Goodbye, Good Men, investigative reporter Michael Rose blows the cover off the cauldron of clerical controversy that is currently plaguing the Catholic Church.

He gives real answers to the questions we are all asking: why are so many seminaries so empty, why are so few good men being ordained, and why are we saddled with so many perverts at the altar?

He reveals how the very institutions charged with inculcating Catholic theology and discipline have come to prefer homosexual priests to straight ones, pop psychology to religious devotion and Playboy® to the pope.

The first edition was too hot for traditional Catholic publishers to handle so Rose published it himself. It sold so quickly Regnery Publishing picked it up and transformed this riveting masterpiece into the new and improved version we're offering today.

Goodbye, Good Men won't make you happy, but it will help you understand what is going on and why. Every thinking Catholic needs to read it. Get your copy now. Say hello to the truth.

Table of contents . . .



A Manmade Crisis -- Why Archbishop Curtiss said the priest shortage is "artificial and contrived"


Stifling the Call -- How for some men the road to ordination is cut short before it really begins


The Gatekeeper Phenomenon -- How good men are unjustly screened out during the seminary application process


The Gay Subculture -- How homosexual politics discriminates against healthy, heterosexual seminarians


The Heterodoxy Downer -- How false teaching demoralizes and discourages the aspiring priest


Pooh-poohing Piety -- How traditional expressions of the faith often disqualify the orthodox seminarian


Go See the Shrink! -- How psychological counseling is used to expel the good man from his seminary


The Vocational Inquisition -- How the orthodox seminarian is identified and persecuted


Confronting the Obstacles -- One good man traces his tortuous root to ordination


Heads in the Sand -- How complaints about the poor state of seminaries have gone unanswered


A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy -- How a death-wish for the male, celibate priesthood created an artificial priest shortage


The Right Stuff -- How to live up to the Church's expectations for seminary life


Where the Men Are -- Why orthodoxy begets vocations (or, how to learn from successful dioceses and seminaries)

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"Goodbye, Good Men may be dismissed by some. But for those of us who were there -- for those of us who were in seminaries in the 1970's and the 1980's, this book has a sure and certain ring of truth to it. Anyone who is appalled by the current scandals in the priesthood, anyone who has been saddened for years by the visible weakening of the vigor of the Catholic Church in our country will find in Michael S. Rose's careful prose an important part of the answer to the question, 'How can these things be?' The tale Rose tells in his book is unbelievable -- but it is true. He has performed a great service to the Church in the writing."
--Rev. Joseph F. Wilson, Diocese of Brooklyn

"Michael S. Rose has put his finger on the dark secret behind the vocations crisis. It is 'artificial and contrived,' and created by people within the walls who, actually discourage viable candidates from being ordained to the priesthood."
-- E. Michael Jones, Ph.D author, Libido Dominandi and The Slaughter of Cities

"American Catholics have been left reeling by recent clergy sex scandals, and have wondered how things could have gotten so bad. Goodbye! Good Men has the shocking answers. Rose presents evidence that the destruction of Catholicism in America has primarily been an inside job carried out by unchaste gay priests, feminist nuns and theological dissenters in control of the institutional Church - and he names names. Goodbye, Good Men could not have come at a better time for the American Church which is in desperate need of authentic reform. At last, someone has written the blockbuster book orthodox Catholics have been hoping and praying for."
-- Rod Dreher, National Review

"This book holds the key to a phenomenon which, to many, is also an enigma: Why are so many seminaries empty? Michael S. Rose has the courage -- a courage that many Church leaders lack -- of giving us the fearful but uncontestable answer: because vice has penetrated into many of them, and those who do not condone vice are excluded. True vocations are disqualified."
-- Alice von Hildebrand, Ph.D. author, Soul of a Lion

"Anyone, Catholic or non-Catholic, who wants to understand the causes of the current scandals in the church couldn't find a better explanation than that contained within the pages of Goodbye, Good Men."
-- Phil Brennan, NewsMax.Com

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